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Coagulation vats

SERVI DORYL coagulation vats are designed for optimal slicing and mixing.

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Moulds and Extensions

Our engineering department is able to come up with a mould design just for you that has just the right perforations for your technology. A wide range of shapes are available, in individual moulds or block-moulds.

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Moulding distributors

SERVI DORYL distributors can come in stainless steel, aluminium or plastic, and distribute the curd into the block-moulds and block-extensions.

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Draining mats & Flexible draining mats

Placed onto draining trays, SERVI DORYL draining mats – with mesh or baguettes – let the whey out whilst keeping in and preserving the curd.

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Draining trays

The multi-format, double-sided tray model with sloping gutters channels air and the whey (SERVI DORYL patent). Fitted with baguette draining mats, they enable optimum ventilation and draining of your cheese.

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Racks and Maturing boards for pressed cheese.

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Stack trolleys and identifications plates for pressed cheese

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Our cheese moulds are renowned for their service life. We offer a whole range of services to help you make the very best use out of our SERVI DORYL products.

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