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Draining mats

Placed onto draining trays, SERVI DORYL draining mats – with mesh or baguettes – let the whey out whilst keeping in and preserving the curd. A variety of models are available, depending on the space between the baguettes or the thickness of mesh you require, and whether you want a reversible or raised version, designed to fit your measurements.

SERVI DORYL offers three types of draining mats:
- With baguettes, with or without supports,
- With mesh
- Saniclaie solid base mat with fluting, used for draining and aging.

They come in a range of colours, and there is also a detection-friendly option, for use with a metal detector.

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Flexible draining mats

The draining mat is an essential part of the mould or block-mould / draining mat / tray assembly.

Generally fastened to the trays using pins, draining mats are by nature rather rigid, and perfectly fulfil their function of draining, and of maintaining the curd inside the moulds.
For some applications, it is useful to be able to provide the mat with flexibility, for example in order to remove large-size cheeses. In some cheese factories, this flexibility is still obtained through the use of wooden mats of the straw type.

The version of the flexible mat proposed by Servi Doryl, meets this use. The mats are identical in dimensions and construction with conventional mats, but are produced from a food-quality material that provides them with both flexibility and resistance.

The mats can be delivered with custom positioned fastening pins on the trays.

They come in Servi blue, soft blue, and pastel green, other colours are available on special order.